I am Kathy. I'm not really a witch.

The real challenge is going to keep the information that we didn’t actually go to Albany from Chris’ side of the family. They are the “holidays should be spent with faaaaamily type” and I don’t think they’d be very happy if they found out we were around and didn’t go see them.

I honestly don’t understand the idea that holidays are only meant to spent with family even if you don’t see them that often and they don’t make an effort to see you on normal days.  It doesn’t mean I care any less about you just because I want to do my own thing on a “holiday” and catch up with you later.

I didn’t grow up with grandparents, there was no “ancestral home” to gather with all the cousins and aunts and uncles so maybe I’m the one who isn’t normal. I just hate obligations and expectations. I hate guilt trips.

I actually also hate ham which what my in laws have for Easter Dinner but you can’t have everything.

We are alone this year for Easter. We always used to go to my sister’s in Albany and then in recent years we’ve switched it up with me hosting or my brother (who is also local) hosting. This year my brother is going to DC and my sister doesn’t want to travel this way because her kids have school the next day whereas mine are on vacation. We were going to go to my sister’s for the day but I suggested that since Chris is swamped at work and traveling the Mass Pike on Easter is such a nightmare that we meet halfway and just go out to eat on Easter. She informed me that her kids were having a “breakdown” at the thought of eating in a restaurant on Easter. Personally, I find that a bit concerning given that they are FOURTEEN, NINE AND FIVE but nonetheless, I told her that in that case, we’d be skipping Easter this year because it’s too much to drive a minimum of FIVE FUCKING HOURS on Easter Sunday just to eat at her house and not a restaurant. She’s not speaking to me now.

I will admit that my sister travels out this way a lot. But she is the one who moved away from everyone several years ago! I also don’t EXPECT her to and certainly don’t get mad at her if there is something she can’t/won’t do.

I think we will go to Lexington and Concord instead. Chris wants ham because every non traditional Easter should end with ham.

Apparently people don’t return accidentally stolen items to Target very often.

On Saturday I went to Target and bought Claritin because the kids are all coughing and the pediatrician suggested that it was probably allergies and I should start giving them all Claritin.

When I got home, I couldn’t find the Claritin anywhere. I went back to Target on Monday with my receipt and explained that I bought it but couldn’t find it. They were super cool about it and told me to just go get another one.

Moved the couch to vacuum today and found it. Now I have to go back to Target and return the Claritin that I accidentally stole. Plus, we need paper towels.




We’ve all got them. Everyone’s family teaches them to love something the whole rest of the world thinks is bizarre.

What’s yours?

Leftover spaghetti mixed with ranch dressing.

I am fat, btw.

Ketchup on (baked) macaroni & cheese; adding Lea…


When I was in First Grade in 1981 Easter coincided with April Vacation so my family and my cousin’s family drove down to Florida. We camped in some campground in the Orlando area. It was so hot that all of our Easter candy melted. Easter mass was said OUTSIDE. The kids in the camp site across from ours ( I think they lived there) got live chicks for Easter. It was so hot and sunny that I got severe sun poisoning and had huge blisters all over my body so that I had to wear long shirt and pants at Disney World.

Then we came home and I have spent every Easter since in fucking Massachusetts where you can still have snow on April 16th. I really think I hate it here. It’s  killing me. I want to live in a place where my candy always melts on Easter.

I am addicted to the game 2048. Brian is desperate to play but I won’t let him because I am afraid he will beat it before I do.

He’s 6.

Two of my friends (from here)  and my cousin who lives 1 hour north of Chicago got into the marathon as well. My cousin said we could stay with her but I know my friends aren’t going to want to do that because she’s so far away and I guess I don’t really want to either though it would save a ton of money. Plus, I want Chris to come (not sure that he can because kids and money) and I can’t see him wanting to stay with my cousin that he’s only met once either.

It would be crazy to drive there, right? As a kid, I remember driving there from Ma to see my family who lived IN Chicago. I want to say it took 2 days so yeah it would be crazy.

I know I’m rambling. I am so overwhelmed.


Never leaving Target

Never leaving Target

Thank you

I’m delusional enough to think that based on my last half, I could be in striking distance to qualify for Boston now that I am old. I’d have to run it in 3:45 and it is remotely possible if I seriously trained and had a flat course which is why I wanted to get into
Chicago so badly.

I don’t actually have any desire to run Boston despite it being my home turf. I want to say I could if I wanted to though.